What do you need?
A computer

You'll need a computer to set up your digital wallet and buy, sell, trade crypto assets with.

Chrome or Firefox

You'll need to use Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser to enable MetaMask.
Download Chrome or Firefox


The MetaMask Browser Extension turns your browser into a secure Ethereum wallet


Ethereum is your digital currency and what you will use to buy your crypto assets.
Buy from Coinbase

Step by Step
  • 1Download Chrome or Firefox+
    With your computer/laptop, install Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser.
  • 2Install MetaMask +
    Install MetaMask Browser Extension(your digital wallet)
  • 3Send Ethereum to your MetaMask +
    For US citizens only:
    You can purchase ETH from the MetaMask Browser Extension with the Coinbase service.
    • Click the `Buy` button
    • Select the `Coinbase` option
    • Click the `Continue to Coinbase` button to purchase Ethereum.

    For everyone else:
    You need to buy ETH from Coinbase or another exchange using normal fiat currency.
    • Copy your MetaMask address by clicking on the large `•••`next to your account.
    • Select `Copy Address to clipboard`.
    • Go to Coinbase or another exchange,
    • Click `Accounts` in your top navigation,
    • Select your ETH wallet and click `buy`.
    • And follow the steps to `Add payment method` and paste your MetaMask address with the amount you'd like to transfer.
  • 4Make a purchase and/or start bidding +
    You're ready to make your first purchase or bid on an item on OpenSea! Explore the marketplace.

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